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Ice studs for tractor USA

Get the best ice studs for your tractor to improve its traction and grip on ice and snow while operating during winter.

When operating heavy machinery such as a tractor during the winter season, putting ice studs on your tractor is a necessity. Our durable tractor tire ice screws will keep you safe by preventing all slippage and potential accidents while driving on ice and snow, allowing you to efficiently manage even the iciest road. Our ice studs for tractors are built from high-quality hardened galvanized steel stud, equipped with a welded tungsten carbide head. All our winter tractors tire studs have a welded carbide head to prevent losing studs when extra pressure is applied on the tire during traction. Plus, a solid tungsten carbide core has improved grabbing power that delivers maximum traction when needed.

With ice studs on your tractor tires, you can leave the tire chains inside and you will be able to conquer any road condition! IGrip ice studs for tractor varied thread depth and tip lengths fit a vast range of tractor rubber tires for extreme traction on ice, snow, hard soil, and frozen pavement. Our inventory of tractor tire studs come in a variety of sizes (15-25mm) and units (100 to 1000 pieces per box).

For almost 10 years, IGrip Store has been the official manufacturer and retailer for iGrip ice studs for tractors. We manufacture, sell, and distribute ice screws adapted for tractors of all brands and sizes all across the United States. With each $250 purchase, you obtain free and fast shipping everywhere in the USA.


If you have questions regarding our ice studs for your tractor, or if you are searching for a specific type of ice stud, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our professional team will be pleased to provide you with all the information you need.


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