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Tire studs for excavator USA

Get the best tire studs for excavators for improved stability and strong traction in the harshest conditions during winter.

When operating heavy machinery like an excavator during the winter season, having strong tire studs on your excavator is essential. Not only will it help you maintain your balance, but it will greatly increase your traction and grip on hazardous and uneven terrain covered in ice and snow. Winter tire studs for excavator have a high quality hardened galvanized steel stud with a welded tungsten carbide head and a galvanized steel shoulder that will prevent any further penetration in your tire. Also, all our excavator tire screws have a welded carbide head to prevent losing it when too much pressure is applied on the tire during traction.

IGrip tire studs for excavator diverse auger depths work with any sized tire and varying prominences for operating on snow, ice, hard soil, and mud during winter. All our excavator tire screws come in a many sizes (15-40mm) and units (100 to 1000 pieces per box), and are suitable for most models and popular brands of excavators.

IGrip Store has been the official manufacturer and retailer for iGrip excavator tire studs since 2009. We provide winter tire screws adapted for excavators and mini-excavators all across the United States. With any $250 purchase, you get free, fast shipping everywhere in the USA.


Do you have any questions about our tire studs for excavators? Have you been searching for a particular type of tire studs without any luck? We invite you to contact us today! Our experienced team is always available to provide you with all the information you need.



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