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Please note that the currency is CAD. We're here to help if you need any assistance. Thank you for your comprehension! Nous offrons un service à la clientèle en Français, contactez-nous!
Please note that the currency is CAD. We're here to help if you need any assistance. Thank you for your comprehension! Nous offrons un service à la clientèle en Français, contactez-nous!

ST-24R iGrip Standard Racing Studs

by iGrip
11 reviews

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  • Oversized and pointed tungsten carbide
  • For enhanced traction
  • Hot-dipped steel and galvanized stud
  • Big tread for good anchoring
  • Lasting durability
  • Light
  • Easy to install and dismantle
  • 100, 150, 200, 250 and 1000 unit packages

Please note that an installation tool is included in each box


  • Snowmobile
  • Motocross
  • ATV

We recommend this product for: Snowmobile track 1,25’’ & more. INSTALLATION GUIDE HERE

*Note that if your track is pre-drilled, we recommend the ST-25R which is a little bit bigger in diameter. We're happy to help if you have any questions! 


Quantity you need? See below:

Track 120 ’’ / about 150 to 200 studs
Track 137 '' / about 200 to 250 studs
Track 144 '' / about 200 to 350 studs


To know how many crossbars you have on your track:

You take the length of the track, for example 136’’. You must know the drive pitch, to do so measure between each crossbars, for example 2.52’’.

136 divided per 2.52= 53.96 You should have about 54 crossbars.

If you do a pattern 4 per bar, 54 x 4 = you need 216 studs.

If you do a pattern 5-4-4, for an average of 4.3 studs per bar x 54 = you need 232 studs

Every model is different so please check this before ordering. Thank you! 

Customer Reviews
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Todd B.
United States United States
That.... is great service.

My wife and I are big water ice fishermen on Lake Superior. We have a wide track Ski Doo expedition sled with a 156" track, 20" wide. Due to the big water blow, we're often on patches of bare ice and traction is an issue. Did some research, decided we didn't want real aggressive full studs but lug screws would solve the problem nicely. Our research with other users indicated iGrip was the absolute best. I had to call and ask some questions and spoke a couple times with Melanie, who knows her business inside out!! She guided me through questions and the math needed (I never knew there were these pitch, length and width calculations!). At the end, she said "you need these screws in this quantity with this install pattern and this pre-drill depth in the lugs and it should take 248 screws. " We went with it, had very good followup from Sandrine at the iGrip online store and got the screws (250 pack and the drill chuck holder) in about 5 days. Buddy came over, we did just what we were instructed, and in 2 hours, we were done! And it took exactly 248 screws as Melanie advised. We loved the service, and more important, LOVE the screws. Rock solid, do not move or chatter, and are PERFECT on bare ice when traveling to and from fishing spots. Zero issues with grab or fishtail. A1 service and product. Completely satisfied. Thank you ladies. Great work. Keep it up! Todd & Veronica Berg Ashland, Wisconsin

Fred K.
Canada Canada
Great Product

Fantastic ! Easy to install on my snowmobile and added unbelievable traction on frozen lakes !

David F.
iGrip Racing Tire Studs...

iGrip Racing Tire Studs 24mm

Grip for...

Easy to install and fit perfect with 1.5 inch skidoo track. Know will try it for 1000km and will see how they manage.

Dave R.
Noticeable traction improvement for my sled!

I was able to install the iGrip studs on my sled in about 2 hours. As I live near and cross a frozen lake regularly, traction was not sufficient without studs. This has been greatly improved since the easy installation of the studs. I highly recommend them!