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Please note that the currency is CAD. We're here to help if you need any assistance. Thank you for your comprehension! Nous offrons un service à la clientèle en Français, contactez-nous!

SS-06R iGrip Shouldered Racing Tire Studs

by iGrip
7 reviews

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  • Oversized and pointed tungsten carbide
  • Hot-dipped steel and galvanized stud
  • Prevents sinking in the tire
  • Big tread for good anchoring
  • Possibility of installing on thin rubber
  • Good durability
  • Light
  • Easy to install and dismantle
  • 24, 100, 150, 200 and 1000 unit packages

Please note that an installation tool is included in each box


  • Safety boots
  • Motocross
  • Enduro/Fat-bikes
  • ATV
  • Mini tractor
  • Snowblower



Customer Reviews
4.9 Based on 7 Reviews
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François B.
Canada Canada
Fat bike

best tires studs, after few rides the all still on the tires and no wear. if you think to put screw instead use the igrip studs i am very impress.

Al Y.
Canada Canada
Makes running fun again...

These 6 mm iGrip studs are perfect for my trail runners. Work great especially during icy conditions. And the 25 mm iGrips on my track loader eats up slippery slopes.

Daniel P.
SS-06R iGrip studs for...

Purchased in the evening, shipped within the following hours and arrived in 1 to 2 days. Currently 84 iGrip installed on a Vee Snowshoes XXL 5.05'' PSC (white compound) in the front and 76 installed on a 4.8 Surly Lou'' in the back (my fatbike frame was too tight for a tire as wide as the XXL). I watched Larry Manuel's YouTube videos and followed his procedure. The hardest part is inserting the screws on the tool and keeping them straight (easier to tighten afterwards). Useful tip: a drop of MTB chain oil on the tool helps insert the screws more easily. The screws were a little more difficult to install on the XXL, and pre-drilling with the drill bit + drop of laundry soap was more necessary on the XXL than it was for the Lou ... unless it was only better skills with the experience during the 2nd tire. Important: the knobs must measure at least 6mm if you want to avoid crossing the casing. Success for me: 160 iGrips installed without crossing the tire, everything can still be mounted tubless without any issues. Test-ride on very very icy trail: stable and predictable on flat terrains, uphill was now possible (even when pedestrains had trouble staing on their two feets) and downhill too... so much fun... I tried cornering and wow! For the moment I don't know if I will add the remaining 60 iGrips or keep them for backup in case some drop out. I did 6 to 8km on the asphalt to check, with hard brakings, and everything is still in place. I'm going to upload photos & videos to iGrip Store's Facebook in case it helps.

Pierre M.

Fast shipping, quality material and easy installation. efficient too !!!

Larry M.
SS-06R - used in mountain bike.

My product shipped about 4 hours after I sent the payment. Installation time: about 2.5 hours per tire, with 192 studs per tire. Installation was fairly straightforward. For more on that see my YouTube: #1: #2: First ride: On two studs, the carbide piece broke off flush with the steel ****** at the surface of the rubber tire knob. So I replaced those. My guess is that those carbide pieces became micr-cracked during manufacture, and I find a tiny failure rate acceptable. Second ride: a mix of soil and ice on the trail with some rocks and many roots. No studs broke and none loosened. None fell out. Third ride: very little ice, many rocks and roots. No stud loss or damage. The grip on ice is absolutely excellent. Also, the studs work very well on slimy roots. Bare rocks: not so well, but no complaints there. Studs work great on wooden bridges [which can be crazy slippery when wet]. I’m VERY, VERY pleased. Overall: I’m very satisfied with the service and the product. My YouTube videos have MUCH more info on installation.